Things I’ve learned in 15 years of TV news

No news is good news when it comes to managers.

People aren’t as aware of your mistakes as you are.

Mistakes that you think are huge often go largely unnoticed. Mistakes you think will go largely unnoticed are often the ones you will hear the most about.

You shouldn’t say anything in a newsroom or a live truck that you don’t want repeated.

The squeaky wheel usually, always, gets the grease.

Sometimes you should pursue a project or story you believe in even if it’s on your own time.

No one truly understands your role in the newsroom and you probably don’t truly understand anyone else’s. Remember that before criticizing.

Your appearance and attractiveness matters.

Stories about holiday travel, gas prices and weather (hot or cold) are always going to be part of the job.

Viewers absolutely think you have a hair and makeup person.

You will never get as much credit for your work as you think you deserve. Stop worrying about it.

Awards mean very little.

You should always fight for your story. Even if you don’t get to do it. Fight. 

Your job search is of little interest to anyone else. Keep it to yourself.

Be kind. Your reputation will follow you your entire career.

People you have never met will be jealous of you or hate you for no other reason than you are a “woman”…”a minority”…”just a pretty face”… “Really young”…”Cheap”…Don’t take it to heart.

What we do is about people. When you forget that, it’s time to find a new career. 

One thought on “Things I’ve learned in 15 years of TV news

  1. So true, Mandy–especially the stuff about mistakes. I find I’m usually my own biggest critic. Thanks for sharing this reality check worth reading by anyone in the business!


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