Emails…brief please.


By: Mandy Mitchell

We live in a Twitter age where short and sweet has become the way to go. I have a bit of advice for you when it comes to work e-mails: keep it short!

I don’t know about you, but I get a zillion e-mails a day. Press releases…newscast excellence reports…ratings…did I mention press releases? Tucked into that mess are things I actually NEED to read. When you are sending an e-mail to someone, you should probably consider all of this.

Sending a note to producers about your story? This doesn’t need to be a novel. Give a few bullet points and tease angles. No one wants to read 4 paragraphs about how you had an interview set up, but that fell through and now you have a call to another guy who probably won’t go on camera, but you think you will have an interview in an hour that will work out.

Keep it simple. Producers have a lot going on and, believe it or not, you are not the only story in the newscast.

Sending a note to your boss? Keep in mind your boss deals with a bunch of B.S. daily. Make it like Twitter and get your point across quickly. If more needs to be said, send the note simple requesting a meeting to discuss (gasp) in person!

I see far too many e-mails in the newsroom that seem to be written by people who are trying to prove they are doing work. They want everyone to see they are doing work and they “over-explain.”

The busiest people don’t have time for all of that. Please get to the point. If you are doing the work you claim to be doing we will all be able to tell come news time.

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