Finding the different way

By: Mandy Mitchell

A photog at my station did something small the other day. The reporter was doing a live shot at a building that was damaged during a fire. He suggested to move the live shot away from the building and to a bridge across town. Why? Because this bridge had a great view of the entire building instead of a close-up of bricks behind the reporter.

I, as just a viewer of this story, noticed how cool it looked to see the entire building. It was simple and it was smart and it’s the kind of thing we should all be doing when we work on stories each day.

Is there a better live location?

Is there a unique and more interesting way to shoot this interview?

Is there a different person we can talk to?

Is there a good shot we can get to illustrate this story better?

Often times we get an assignment and we are afraid, or too lazy, to step up and ask these questions.We also assume good ideas take a lot of time and effort and we just “don’t have time for all of that effort.”

Sometimes the simplest things can make the story better and more memorable.


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