Don’t be so lazy with teases

By: Mandy Mitchell

If the producer asks you to cut a tease for your story what do you do?

Do you…

1- Cut the tease directly from the PKG. There’s no need to go back and cut a new tease when you already have sequences cut for you story. Plus you have to run out to your live shot in 2 minutes and the producer should’ve told you he wanted a tease earlier.

2-Go back and find fresh shots not used in the PKG, which takes time and makes you a little later getting out the door than you would’ve liked.

3- The tease is already cut because you thought ahead. You used shots that you weren’t using in the PKG and took a few extra seconds to make sure this got done.

You would not believe how many times I see people in this business do #1. Yeah, you know what, it’s a small thing, but it’s incredibly lazy and it looks sloppy. Often times your story is one of the first things in the next block. Do you think no one noticed you used the same exact video in the same exact order?

If you are a good photog, reporter or MMJ you should WANT your story teased and should provide the best possible video to tease that story. Take the extra :30 to ask the producer what she is looking for and cut the tease before you start with the PKG.

If you really want to be awesome, and be a favorite of the producers, offer up a SOT tease or offer up really good video that can help sell the story.

Teases keep viewers watching. We all want viewers watching, so stop treating it like something “extra to do.”


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