New Year, New You!


By: Mandy Mitchell

Let me start of with saying I absolutely positively despise the “New Year’s Resolution.” I hate it. Why? Because I am a fan of self improvement at all times of the year. I am a firm believer in setting goals. I think resolutions are often wishes without real tangible plans for how to achieve that wish.

A goal has to be concrete and measurable. “I want to eat better,” is not really something you can measure right?

All of this being said, a new year is a good time to set new goals so I am here to suggest a few you may want to consider in your professional life.

  • Stop complaining about work to your co-workers.

Why? Because it’s not at all productive. It’s fun and it’s something to bond over. You know, it’s fun to vent about the “annoying ass assignment desk that always sends me on breaking news.” But it’s amazing how quickly you can be branded as “a complainer” even if you only do this once in a while.

You also  don’t know how many times this complaining is passed along to the person you are complaining about. It’s best to stop doing it all together and save your venting for your friends at other stations or your significant other. How do you measure this? Don’t do it at all. Just stop. Trust me!

  • Commit to social media.

Social media isn’t going anywhere and we can all work harder to learn how to better serve our audience on the different platforms.  If you want a new goal for the new year, you should commit to get better at that. You can measure your progress by making it a habit. Maybe you want to have one post a day. Maybe you can learn about one new way to engage viewers per week. I have a goal to learn Snapchat. I feel old saying this, but I just don’t get it. I want to learn how to make this part of my daily work and learn how I can promote my stories on snap. You can find a similar goal and do the same thing!

  • Make new connections.

The time to start making new connections is not when your contract is up. It’s also not when a station has an opening. The time is now.

You can do this in many different ways. Twitter and social media make it easier than ever to connect with news directors. You can plan to go to conferences like RTDNA or Poynter in hopes of networking. How do you measure your progress? Make a new connection a month and keep in touch with that person. It could be as easy as asking that person to give you an opinion on your reel. You’ll be amazed how many people are willing to help. Just don’t wait until there’s a job involved. That rarely works.

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