Reporter’s Christmas List


This post originally ran last year. I’ve tweaked it a bit. It’s really something you can use on a yearly basis to help your family HELP YOU.

It is the time of year where you will be asked by your family members what you would like for Christmas…or Hanukkah…or your birthday (if you have the awful luck of having a December birthday). Here are a few things you may want to consider getting the family to pay for so you don’t have to buy them on your awful salary.

  • Nice professional clothing. Guys? Ask for a really nice suit. White dress shirts. Good ties. Ladies? You can’t go wrong with a nice suit either. Classy dresses are also very “in” for anchors. Drag the parents to Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack and get good stuff to wear on TV. Bright colors. Nice material. This is the time to stock up on things that can be mixed and matched.
  • Good makeup. You should be wearing MAC or better if you are a TV professional. I spent the first two years I was in TV wearing Cover Girl. BAD IDEA! Ask for gift certificates to buy some of the good stuff. Ask for this yearly until you can afford it.
  • A good blow dryer. This is mostly for the ladies of course. You have no idea what a difference a good blow dryer makes until you have had a good blow dryer. I am not talking about the kind you can get at Walgreens. You need some watts to get that hair looking fabulous. I am a big fan of this one. I’ve had several Babyliss products and they’ve all been pretty good.
  • A good haircut. I did a short little poll and found out many of the colleagues spend anywhere between $80-110 on a haircut. I am not talking color. Just a cut. Get the family to spring for a nice one for you as you get ready to job hunt. The cut makes a much bigger difference than you may think.
  • Rain boots and a good rain jacket. If you are a reporter it’s never a bad idea to have these items in a bag in your car. Floods/tornadoes/hurricanes/covering a story about a sewage spill (ew!) can all call for some rubber boots. And you will love what a solid rain jacket can do to keep you dry. The cheap ones don’t do the job.
  • Gift cards to grocery stores or gas cards. This doesn’t need an explanation. You know what you make. How nice would it be to get Aunt Wilma to pay for your gas for a week?

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