Are you prepared for breaking news?


By: Mandy Mitchell

If news broke right now would you be ready for it? Do you go into your day expecting breaking news or are you more reactive?

If you are expecting breaking news you will be ready.

If you are a producer you should always do what you can first thing. All supers you know…in. All intros you can write…written. All graphics you can order/build/request…do it! Don’t think you have all day because breaking news doesn’t care if you are behind at 4pm.

If you are a reporter you should have your “go bag” packed in your car. You want to be the one ready to head to hit the road if needed. You don’t have time to go home and pack. If you expect breaking news, you will be less likely to be really ticked off when the assignment desk calls you to change your story at 9pm. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised when nothing happens.

Breaking news happens a lot. Prepare for it.

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