A personal story

Ever wonder when it’s the right time to move on? I asked WXII producer Alex  Carrasquillo to share his story of starting out and moving to a bigger market.

I just started working at WXII 12 News in Winston-Salem. This is my second job with Hearst Television. I was at WJCL 22 in Savannah, GA when Hearst bought that station. I quickly recognized I wanted to stay within the company and the process of moving between stations confirmed something I noticed early on: it’s a company that really cares about its employees and looks out for them. Combine that with its deep commitment to quality news – I don’t think it gets much better.

I got to see Hearst come in and rebuild WJCL. What is second-nature at many established stations, had to be trained and taught in some ways. Observing that rebuilding process was a big part of the ability to feel confident about what I was working toward for myself and for the station.

Every company has its own way of approaching news. There isn’t one right way, but each has to pick an approach and be confident and consistent. Seeing that strength within Hearst has helped me find the same strength within myself. And of course, with all of that, comes the need to always be open to new ideas and perspectives that will help you grow.

Such a big part of being a journalist is having an opinion about the effort you’re working toward. Surrounding yourself with mentors who recognize that and help you build on it is key. The process of moving between stations also reaffirmed something I’ve come to love about TV News. There are so many people to learn from. Stopping to listen is such an important part of growing in this business.

While I was at WRAL I got to watch true experts perfect their craft. In Savannah, I asked a million questions as I tired my hand at what I’d so closely studied in Raleigh. Ask anyone who works with me – my questions continue and always will!

Look for even the smallest opportunities to learn. Some of those small moments might teach you some of the biggest lessons.

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