Mailbag: I never have time to eat


By: Mandy Mitchell

Q: I am an MMJ and I am constantly being sent out on several stories a day. Sometimes it gets to be 3pm and I haven’t eaten a thing and most of the time I forget to eat. I don’t even have time to stop through a drive thru. Is this normal? Do you have any tips for taking time to eat?

A: First of all, this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. I am betting anyone who has spent any time in the field knows all about the days when you “forget to eat.” It’s simply part of the job. I have eaten more meals in my car driving to assignments than I care to count.

The thing is, this is not really healthy. We need food and we need water. You have to make it a point to make sure you are getting food and water throughout the day. The best thing to do is to get a big cooler and fill it with snacks. Almonds, fruit, pretzels. Don’t have money? PB&J. Two PB&J’s! Buy a nice water bottle. Buy the kind that keeps the ice all day. Drink water and stay hydrated. Snack as you move from story to story.

You will likely, even as you move to the big markets, never get a chance to sit down and have a real lunch or dinner. You have to become good at eating on the run.

Happy snacking!

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