Mailbag: Money, clothing and you


By: Mandy Mitchell

Question: I make NO money and I am still expected to look good on TV. Is there anything I can be cheap with as far as clothing or makeup? I don’t want to look “cheap” but come on!

Answer: There are things you can definitely save on and things you shouldn’t skimp on at all. I’ll start with the things you MUST spend money on. (note: not paid for these links)

  • Foundation Makeup (powder/foundation liquid/concealer). You should be wearing MAC or better on air.  I know it’s expensive. I wore Cover Girl my first 3 years on TV. Ugh! Yuck! You can totally tell and that wasn’t even HD back then! MAC has a program that offers discounts to on-air folks. You can apply here. That will save you some money for sure. You can also ask for gift certificates to MAC (or other expensive makeup places) for Birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah. I know that’s not fun, but you want your next job don’t you?
  • Some clothing. Guys and gals should have one expensive and tailored suit/dress. Get it in a neutral color and change the tie and accessories. Wear it a few times a week. At this stage of your career it’s not about variety as much as it is looking sharp on your resume tape.

Things you can save money on?

  • All other makeup! You can get your lipstick, eyeliner, blush and mascara at Target. I am a big fan of this mascara. I found that after many years of spending way too much at MAC for stuff that didn’t work as well. Did you know you can also save your used MAC containers and trade them to lipstick? I can’t remember the last time I actually paid for lipstick. You shouldn’t either. Just do this.
  • Ties and accessories. Guys- Shop at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for those name brand ties. Ladies, Charming Charlie is your best friend. Weirdly enough, I have also found great stuff at Old Navy and Target. You can totally go cheap on your jewelry!


We’ve had two GREAT guest posts that talk about clothing more extensively. You can check those out here:

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