Ask a Question

By: Mandy Mitchell


I was waiting for the right time to address this issue. Returning from the Super Bowl, where I attended multiple press conferences, seems like the right time.


If you have ever been to a press gathering you have heard it.

Coach…talk about the Broncos defense.

Officer…talk about what caused the fire.

Mr. Smith…talk about how you ran your car into that swimming pool.

There is a very easy fix to this: Ask a question!

Coach…what makes the Broncos defense so had to prepare for?

Officer…what do you think caused the fire?

Mr. Smith…did you not see the pool before you drove into it?

This is the epitome of lazy when it comes to reporting. You can’t think of a question, or how to phrase the question, so you make a statement and expect the person to just give you the answer you want. If you say “talk about,” I guarantee you half the reporters at the presser will be rolling their eyes. The other half will be thinking of things they would also like the person to talk about.

You are smart enough to figure out a way to turn your statement into a question so please do so.



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