Talking about your job search

By: Mandy Mitchell

Your first real, professional job search can be an exciting time. It’s the first time you have looked for a job with actual “experience” on the resume, and if you have some talent, you may have a few options and choices on where you will go next.

I have some not so subtle advice for you about what do to with this information: KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Most of us have figured out that it is taboo to talk about salaries with coworkers. It’s also pretty rude to talk about your job search and “how many people want me,” and how “my agent is getting so many calls,” and how “everyone says I belong in a MUCH bigger market.”

First of all, you can look like a real ass if you constantly talk about what a big deal you are and how you are “up for so many jobs” and never end up actually leaving for any of these jobs. Interest does not equal an offer. It is best, and more professional, to wait until you have agreed to a deal and informed your boss of your intention to leave before you start telling people.


It also saves you some embarrassment if something doesn’t work out. Here’s a newsflash: there are likely other talented people up for that job too and the station may hire another person. Gasp!

So if nothing else, you should stop running your mouth because it could lead to some uncomfortable moments for you down the road.

Another reason to avoid talking about your job search is that success is a very relative thing. While you are busy blabbing about how you are just “far too good for the market you are in,” someone else has made a decision to stick around and move up to a main anchor position. That person may have gotten married and had children and is now making 3x what you get paid. You don’t know how many jobs that person may have turned down to stay at the station you are “way too good for.”

This is not to say you should never discuss your situation with others. I understand you have friends in the newsroom you can count on to keep this private. You may have a mentor who can help you choose between offers. We all need to talk from time to time and a job search can certainly be stressful!

This is simply a reminder to show some discretion.

I said a few things, very unintentionally, to coworkers during my first job that I now cringe over. Not everything is meant to be shared and, more often than not, you can benefit from keeping details about your next move very close to the vest.



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