Hello (From several years ago)

Every time I see the word “hello” now, I do it in Adele’s voice. I know the song is about a couple that broke up, but it also allows me to make a point about the subject I want to discuss today.

If you are calling, texting, Facebook messaging or direct messaging someone you haven’t talked to in YEARS to say “hello,” because you noticed they have a job opening at their station you are super interested in, you are doing it wrong.

It always starts the same for me. The person I haven’t heard from, even to say Happy Birthday on Facebook, says “Hey. Hope you are well! I noticed you guys have a reporter opening.” Then the person either wants details or wants me to put in a good word with my ND. There are very few people in this world I will go to my ND to vouch for. You, person I went to college with 13 years ago and haven’t worked with since, are not one of them!

The best part is when that person gets her details and then follows up with “how are you?” I’m great. Let me break down the last 13 years for you!

We have all figured out that who you know means a great deal in this business. I am not saying you shouldn’t try to reach out to people you may know to help you get a gig. Just don’t be so obvious with your intentions.

If a person you work with in a small market moves up, keep in touch with him. This may be completely superficial and a way for you to have an “in” at some point, but at least you are making the effort to appear like you give a crap. You may even create an actual friendship.

Keeping in touch these days is SUPER easy. Follow the person on twitter and comment on things she tweets about. Compliment a story she does (if you like it). Be in ACTUAL contact so that when there is an opening you don’t look like a major jerk. Heck, you can even send the person an e-mail from time to time to catch up. What a concept!

It takes work to build a personal network of people you can truly call on to help. Put that work in and don’t wait for the day that opening pops up.

By: Mandy Mitchell


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