TV News while traveling

I’m on vacation this week and I’ll just go ahead and admit it… I like to watch local TV when I am in another city. If I talk about this in other forums I get looked at with a strange raised eyebrow. I am guessing anyone reading this has likely done the same thing.

It has gotten to the point where if we are traveling my husband will tell me the time and say “we can be back at the hotel by 11 if you’d like.” Is this bad? Ha!

The thing is, I’ve learned so much by doing this. Yes, you can see a lot of news online now, but I really like to watch a full newscast. I like to see how a station writes teases. I like to see how long reporters get for PKGs.  Being a sports anchor, I will switch back and forth between stations to see who is leading with what and of course I will have an opinion.

Sometimes we laugh at what stations are doing and other times I pick up things I may work into my own stories.

If you don’t currently do this, I encourage you to give it a try. It’s a chance to see how others are doing it. You can actually watch the news like a viewer would and learn what you like and what doesn’t really work.

It is also a chance to see the differences between stations. Some stations are all about fast-paced stories. Some stations cover more crime. Some stations value storytelling. As you travel, write down stations you like and try to figure out why. That will give you a better idea of who you are as a journalist and what kind of newsroom you would fit best in.

I am hoping to create more interaction on this site as we move foward into the new year. Here is my question for you. Do you find yourself doing this when you are on the road? Please leave your answer in the comment section.
Written by Mandy Mitchell

One thought on “TV News while traveling

  1. I do this everywhere I go! I was on a business trip in Orlando this summer and I had a roommate. She asked me why I care what’s on their news. For us, it’s not about what’s in their news, it’s about how they DO their news. I’ll be at the station today, Mandy. I hate I’m going to miss you!


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