Don’t be Lazy with your Edits


Um…You know…You will have the chance to be super lazy in anything you do it TV news, and there is one habit that drives me ABSOLUTELY crazy when I hear it while watching a newscast or a resume reel.

Don’t leave “ums” and “you knows” and “buts” and all other extraneous crap in your soundbites. There is simply no excuse for that in the age of non-linear editing. Here I am going “back in the day again”…but “back in the day,” you had to work to “pot up” the audio at the right time to make sure you didn’t start a bite with “um.” Now you can just look at the audio waves and take that part down.

Below is an example of a good edit and a bad edit from a recent Mike Krzyzewski press conference after a Duke game I covered. I see the bad edit done far too often.

Take the time to make a good edit and don’t even think about wasting a second of your viewers’ time on words that are not needed. Editing the other way makes you look sloppy and I assure you the veterans in the business will notice.

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