No News is Likely Good News

One thing I have absolutely learned is that no news is likely pretty good news. This relates to your boss or bosses or even your co-workers. I firmly believe not hearing from your boss on any given day is a good thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a complaint that the news director “never notices my good stories.” Or “I never get credit for working a really long day.”Or “I SHOT and WROTE two stories and no one said a thing.”

What would you like them to say? You are paid to come to work and do these things. Presumably your news director expects good stories from you. That’s probably why he/she hired you. The “long” hours come with the business. You are supposed to want to be on the big stories and bust your tail to make them good. I’ve never met a really awesome reporter, anchor, producer, or news director with a watch.

I count it as a fantastic day when I don’t hear from one of my many bosses. That usually means I did my job, at a level they expect from me, and I didn’t make any kind of error. Just think about how much time it would take your boss to compliment everyone every day for doing what they are paid to do? At some point you want your boss to expect excellence from you and not be surprised when you produce excellence.

I stopped hoping for daily compliments for my work a long time ago. You would be amazed at how much more pleasant your job gets when you focus on your work and not your reward. It also makes the compliments you do get mean something.

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