The Positive Side of One-man-banding

Todd Summers is a Sports Anchor and reporter at WSPA in Spartanburg, SC. He graduate from VCU with a degree in broadcasting in 1995. Todd has been working in local TV news for 20 years at stations in Richmond, Knoxville, Bristol (VA), and Spartanburg (SC).

When you start out in the TV business, it can be just a matter of days until you are in the field working on stories, by yourself.

I’ve been working in TV for 2 decades, currently work in a top 40 market as a weekend sports anchor, and I’d estimate that more than 95% of the time, I work by myself. It’s not just quick VO’s or high school games. I’ve covered NFL road playoff games, NCAA tournament basketball games, even the College World Series as a one-man-band. So the challenges are not unique to you.

The advantages, you know what you’ve shot and what you haven’t. So when it comes time to put the story together, you can easily write to video because you know every shot. When it comes time to edit, you know where the video is, what shot you want where, and how long it should take you to get it done. Don’t like the shooting? Blame it on yourself and figure out how to do it better. Don’t have enough good sound bites? Ask better questions, more questions, or interview more subjects. Ultimately it’s on you. There is no blame game.

Is it hard? Absolutely. Can it also be quite rewarding when you pull it off? Absolutely. It’s not impossible, especially if you keep a positive attitude as often as possible.

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