Nice clothing and gear lugging

I felt the need to write this after an unfortunate incident with a tripod this week. First a little background. I shoot 99% of my own video.

Normally when I have a day that I know I am going to shoot a lot, I try to wear clothes that can deal with the lugging of the gear. So I wear flats, pants (for the kneeling), and a shirt that can withstand the whole camera on the shoulder thing.

You would think after more than a decade of doing this I would learn to stick to what works. I did not. Last Thursday I decided to wear a nice silk shirt that I usually wear to anchor. I decided to wear it because I thought the color would be nice for the stand-up. I proceeded to ruin the shirt by snagging it on the tripod. See picture below.

Ladies and gentlemen who carry gear: Do not wear anything you don’t want to get a pull/snag in, or poke a hole in. It’s simply not worth it. Save the nice stuff for the desk or days you …gasp… have a photog! OR…and this is something I should do more of…bring the nice shirt and change after you are done shooting.


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